EpiPen (300 mcg) or EpiPen Junior (150 mcg) Script Renewal


This function is ONLY available to patients previously seen by Dr Sam Mehr in his private rooms.

You can use this easy online tool to request an EpiPen (300 mcg; if your child weights 20 kg+) or EpiPen Junior (150 mcg; if your child weights < 20 kg) Script Renewal from Dr. Sam Mehr.

Please note EpiPens can only be renewed through the PBS once they are expired/nearing expiry.

Simply add this script renewal request to the cart and checkout. Dr. Sam Mehr will use your order details to complete your script renewal and provide you with the script as soon as possible.

If you also require an ASCIA anaphylaxis action plan, please add a comment that you also require this (which will be sent with the EpiPen script at no charge).

Child’s Details *

Your child’s weight *

Please enter your Child’s current weight in kilograms to the nearest 100g (eg; XX.Xkg)

Pharmacy Details

Please provide the details of your local pharmacy where your scripts are filled – Dr Mehr will then be able to send your script directly to your pharmacy.

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