Neocate Gold out of stock until end of March

A parent informed me a couple days ago she found it difficult to obtain Neocate Gold. It appears it is out of stock until the end of March. If your child is on Neocate Gold and you are completely out of tins, it is important you speak with your Allergy specialist regarding the most suitable alternative, which may temporarily include using a different type of amino acid formula (two others are on the market, but require an authority script), using Neeocate Junior (use to be called Neocate Advance, if your child is close to 12 months of age) or alternately Neocate LCP (which has the same scoop size to water as Neocate gold, has glucose syrup instead of corn syrup solids and has a lower amount of a particular fat called medium-chain triglycerides; however these differences usually should not be an issue).