Some additional information re:EpiPen Junior shortage from ASCIA


Supply of EpiPen® Jr with 30 November 2017 expiry during temporary shortage

Mylan Australia (which supplies EpiPens in Australia) is experiencing a temporary shortage of EpiPen® Jr 150mcg adrenaline (epinephrine) autoinjectors. This supply disruption is due to an unforeseen delay in supply from the overseas manufacturer. Mylan expects stock to be available mid-to-late November 2017.  In the meantime, to minimise the impact on patient care, Mylan Australia wishes to advise that they will be supplying eligible patients with an EpiPen® Jr, expiring on 30 November 2017, at no charge.

Pharmacists with any issues regarding supply of EpiPen® Jr or EpiPen® should contact the Mylan Customer Support team on 1800 274 276. 

Please note that New Zealand is not affected by this temporary shortage.

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