Novalac Allergy formula has been difficult to obtain

Novalac Allergy formula (a hydrolysed rice based formula), which is suitable for infants with a cow milk based allergy (IgE or non-IgE) from 0-12 months, has been very popular; to the extent that many families have now found it difficult to source it from pharmacies. This formula does not need a script. I have contacted Bayer (which distributes the formula) and they written the below letter (see link). Stock should be back in pharmacies by early December 2017. If you have any questions regarding availability then it is best you ring Bayer’s medical information team on: 1800 008 757

Remember this formula is only meant to be for infants with IgE/non-IgE mediated cow milk allergies. Alternatives do exist and if you are unable to access any Novalac Allergy formula, it is important to discuss which alternatives may be suitable for your infant with your doctor/Allergist (e.g. other cow milk based extensively hydrolysed formulas, soy formulas).

Refer to this link re:shortage of this formula:

Novalac-Novalac Allergy letter to patients (1)