EpiPen 300 mcg stock update

Parents have rightfully being concerned regarding their ability to obtain supplies of EpiPen 300 mcg for their children at risk of anaphylaxis. ASCIA has provided an update regarding the supply of these pens. In summary:
  • Mylan has confirmed that new stock of EpiPen® 300mcg adrenaline autoinjectors arrived last week and should be available in pharmacies this week. Stock levels may take some time to return to normal.
  • If a pharmacy is out of stock of EpiPen® 300mcg or EpiPen® Jr, the pharmacist can contact their wholesaler/s to obtain stock. If there are any problems the pharmacist should phone Mylan on 1800 274 276.
  • Whilst the use of an expired adrenaline autoinjector is not ideal, research suggests that recently expired devices retain potency. Therefore, if no other adrenaline autoinjector is available, use of a recently expired device to treat anaphylaxis is advised.