A risk factor for fatal anaphylaxis is a sudden change to an upright posture

On allergy action plans, it states that if a person is having anaphylaxis, do not allow them to stand or walk. Why? Fatalities have been recorded when a person having anaphylaxis is suddenly allowed to stand. Richard Pumphrey published in 2003 (http://www.jacionline.org/article/S0091-6749(03)90000-5/fulltext) cases of individuals with anaphylactic shock dying within seconds of an upright posture.[…]

Jack Jumper Ant Anaphlaxis

Jack Jumper ants (JJA) are the most common cause of ant induced anaphylaxis in Australia. In Tasmania they are the commonest cause of insect induced anaphylaxis (causing more anaphylactic reactions than bees). Some interesting facts about JJA include: They are native to Australia, having a jumping or hopping motion, and have smooth stingers (so can sting[…]

EpiPen 300 mcg stock update

Parents have rightfully being concerned regarding their ability to obtain supplies of EpiPen 300 mcg for their children at risk of anaphylaxis. ASCIA has provided an update regarding the supply of these pens. In summary: Mylan has confirmed that new stock of EpiPen® 300mcg adrenaline autoinjectors arrived last week and should be available in pharmacies[…]

EpiPen 300 mcg supply to be restored by late Feb 2018

UPDATE – EPIPEN® 300MCG ADRENALINE AUTOINJECTORS SUPPLY FROM ASCIA  Mylan has advised that normal stock of EpiPen® 300mcg adrenaline autoinjectors is expected to be available in pharmacies by late February 2018.  Please note that supply of EpiPen® Jr 150mcg adrenaline autoinjectors is unaffected.  A process has been put in place by Mylan to ensure those[…]